The brain behind the formation of this organization is Sri. K.V. Sebastian, Kottayam. He convened the meeting of the Ministerial Staff of Kottayam, Alapuzha, Ernakulam and Idukki districts at Indraprastha Auditoriam, Kottayam on 4/01/1978. The main agenda of that meeting was to form an association for ministerial staff of Health Services Department irrespective of party politics. The meeting declared the formation of our Association. Sri. M.L. Joseph, Ernakulam, Sri. K. V. Sebastian, Kottayam, and Sri. Joseph Gregory were elected as the first President ,General Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The Government later recognized the Association vide G.O.(Ms) No. 517/79/GAD/ dated 18/09/1979

The annual conferences were held at Ernakulam, Alapuzha, Kollam, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kannur, Kozhikkod, Pathanamthitta, Trissur, Palakkad, Kasaragod, and Idukki respectively so far.

Major Achievements of our Organization

1. Creation of posts of Lay Secretary & Treasurer in Taluk Hospitals.
2. Creation of posts of Administrative Assistants in the District Medical Offices.
3. Inter changeability in LD/UD
4. Retention of the Posts of Care Supervisor as Senior Superintendent (Audit)
5. Creation of posts of Head clerks in P H Centres.
6. Creation of posts of additional posts of Clerks under three shift systems.
7. Introduction of in-service Training to Ministerial Staff.
8. Re-fixation of Strength of LD/UD Clerks.
9. Creation of posts of Senior Administrative Assistants as Laison Officer.
10. Upgradation of the post of Junior Superintendent as Senior Superintendent in the Directorate.
11. Timely interference and approaching kerala Administrative Tribunal for promotios and favourable orders.
12. Monthly review meeting of Ministerial staff.
13. The Association has conducted agitations on various other issues.
14. Our Association stands for the welfare of the Ministerial Staff.
15. Creation of the post of 3 Additional Lay Secretaries (At G H Thiruvananthapuram, G H Ernakulam & Dist HospitalKannoor)

State Office bearers from Ernakulam Dist

The following leaders from Ernakulam (Dist) were represented as State Office bearers.

1. Sri. M. L. Joseph President during 1978-1982
2. Sri. K. M. Mathai Secretary 1991- 1992
3. Sri. A.G. George Stanly Vice President 1997-2001
4. Sri. M.K. Devadas Secretary 2001-2003
5. Sri. M.K. Devadas Treasurer 2007-2009
6. Sri. N. RajeevKumar Secretary 2003-2007
7. Sri. V.M. Sreenivasan Secretary 2009-2011
8. Sri. Regi Mathew Vice President 2011 -2013
9. Regi Mathew Now Represents as General Secretary 2013 Onwards

Venues of State Conferences held so far and Leaders

Year Venue President General Secretary Treasurer
1978 Kottayam Indrapastham M L. Joseph K. V. Sebastian Joseph Gregory
1980 Govt. Girls H S Ernakulam M L. Joseph K. V. Sebastian Abdul Majeed
1981 GHS Alapuzha M L. Joseph Joseph Gregory Abdul Majeed
1982 St: Joseph, Kollam G. Gopala Krishnan Nair Joseph Gregory N. Sadasivan Pillai
1984 YMCA Kottayam G. Gopala Krishnan Nair Joseph Gregory Abdul Majeed
1986 Bank Employees Hall TVM G. Gopala Krishnan Nair Joseph Gregory K.Reghu Nathkumar
1989 Mahathma Mandir Kannur P.B.Viswesara Panickar P. Sivaraman Nair H Sulaiman Kunju
1991 HeyDay Pathanamthitta P.B.Viswesara Panickar P. Sivaraman Nair H Sulaiman Kunju
1993 Nalanda Kozhikkode P.B.Viswesara Panickar P. Sivaraman Nair H Sulaiman Kunju
1995 Kausthubham Trissur Joseph Gregory P. Sivaraman Nair N. Habeeb
1997 VEMHS Palakkad P. Sivaraman Nair P Rajappan M. Thajudeen
1999 Town Hall Kollam P. Sivaraman Nair M. Thajudeen P N.S. Naamboothiri
2001 Rajadhani Thiruvananthapuram P Rajappan P C Sunnykutty K Unnikrishnan
2003 Rainban Alapuuzha M. Thajudeen P C Sunnykutty P V Lawrence
2005 Kottayam Indrapastham S .Madhu Biju Koshy V. N .Sundaram
2007 Fine Arts Hall, Ernakulam P C Sunnykutty K. Pradeepkumar M.K. Devadas
2009 Fort Vihar, Kasragod P C Sunnykutty K. Pradeepkumar, V. Manoharan, R.M. Muhammed Hussair V. Manoharan, Jayanda Bose
2011 EAP Hall Thodupuzha, Idukki P C Sunnykutty R.M. Muhammed Hussair N V. Balachandran
2013 Town Hall Palakkad R M Muhammed Hussair Regi Mathew T S Jyotish
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